Chris Walters Photography | People

People photography from around the world. Please contact West End Gallery at or 607-936-2011 to purchase photographs you see. Printing and ordering options are found here. Information regarding Commissions and Licensing is found here.
PortraitPortraitPortraitPortait of the artist Amelia Harnas Corning, NY ofPortrait2015 Recycled Runway Model Arts Council Southern Finger Lakes Chris Walters Photography CMOG Corning, NYShadow PortraitFall PortraitBaseball PortraitBaby Sleeping Chris Walters PhotographyA fiddler plays a tune on his fiddle in Lakewood VineyardAn old man rows a pletna boat in Lake BledSeneca Falls, NYRecycled RunwayGroup PortraitGroup PortraitBlanket StoriesGroup PortraitGroup PortraitSolar Eclispe