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Photography of waterfalls of the Finger Lakes. From the Watkins Glen State Park to Taughannock Falls State Park, these are Finger Lakes waterfalls. Please contact West End Gallery at [email protected] or 607-936-2011 to purchase any of the photographs you see. Printing and ordering options are found here.
Aunt Sarah's Falls 1Excelsior Glen Falls 2Excelsior Glen Falls 1Watkins Glen Spring Creek 1Watkins Glen Winter 3Taughannock Falls Winter 2Ithaca Falls Winter 1Ludlowville Falls Winter 1Letchworth Falls Winter 1Watkins Glen Winter 2Taughannock Creek Winter 1Early Winter at Taughannock Falls 1Treman State Park Fall 4Treman State Park Fall 2Treman State Park Fall 1Treman State Park Fall 3Stoney Brook State park Fall 2Stoney Brook State park Fall 1Summer at Watkins Glen State Park 2Summer at Watkins Glen State Park 3