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Scenes from the country of Georgia, a place I've spent nearly 6 years of my life, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer and then as an exchange program manager. Please contact West End Gallery at [email protected] or 607-936-2011 to purchase any of the photographs you see. Printing and ordering options are found here.
Old Woman in a VineyardGelati MonasteryGeorgian Orthodox ChurchGeorgian DancingGeorgian VineyardGeorgian SupraBy the FireThe Sameba Cathedral at sunset in Tbilisi, GeorgiaSameba CathedralA Svaneti tower stands tall in UshguliA fresco in Georgia is whitewashed by the SovietsA river stream flows down the Caucasus Mountains with storm clouds in the airAn old woman carries grapes in a vineyard in GeorgiaDried onions and garlic rest in a storeroomThe streets of Batumi on the Black Sea in GeorgiaMaro BeboAn old Georgian woman smilesA man raises a wine glass to make a toastA beautiful woman stands atop Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi, GeorgiaA woman dances in Georgia